Thursday, 25 September 2008

Progress - so far

A visit to the Out Patient Clinic on 19th August allowed progress to be reviewed with the surgeon.

At a previous clinic I had turned up with a memory stick to see if I could download some recent X-rays. The surgeon had a new wide screen computer monitor and was indeed able to bring up a list of recent x-rays and to display them. I had been sent some old X-Rays that had been digitised some time ago and was familiar with the viewing software so I knew it could export images. The surgeon was happy to try but all we achieved was the creation of a folder on my memory stick.

Since then he had acquired the know how and almost before we sat down he asked for the memory stick so he could provide me with the files. He was disappointed when I said I had not brought it this time but would next time around.

Nonetheless, as before I took a couple of photos with a digital camera and reproduce these . In time I will replace these with clearer images that will be downloaded - but these are clear enough to see what I tried to describe before.

I still had a stitch that had not dissolved and the surgeon was quick and quite keen to remove it in an infection free manner. We then discussed the mechanics of the solution and he was able to confirm that the segments were solid metal and not hollow as I had thought. They were not screwed into each other but instead were mortised into place with a hammer that compressed the dovetail end section into a recess at the top of the piece below.

He was keen also to show off his handiwork so we looked at the X-rays. My wife and I were both pleased that he took this degree of pride in his work.

He was happy for me to try to walk with one walking stick or preferably a single crutch and to start driving. I was not yet to fully weight bear but if all went well would be able to do after the next Out Patient appointment which was booked for 2 months time.

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