Wednesday, 9 July 2008

... "But the bad news is ...."

In accordance with the letter (dated 2 weeks ago) confirming the operation I rang the ward to ascertain if there was a bed available. Well I tried phoning the ward. On 2 occasions the phone was not answered then it was engaged - then my wife rang and was told to call back an hour later. Then we got a call from the surgeon's waiting list co-coordinator to say the bad news was the list had been canceled as emergency demand had meant there were no beds available.

The co-coordinator could not say when the operation would be rescheduled for but assured me it was his top priority so we should hear before the end of the day or tomorrow morning.

My guess is at this stage that it will be deferred by 3 weeks. They have probably sent out invitation to come in letters to patients for the next 2 weeks so will probably bump patients who have not yet had confirmation back a week.

At some stage we will no doubt find out the real reason - although not unknown it is unusual for emergency bed crises to occur in the middle of summer. My guess is that some infection related problem in theatres or associated areas is responsible for the entire list being cancelled. In which circumstances it is better to wait for these issues to be sorted out first.

So the best laid plans need need to be rethought by my wife and I. I have however got all the hospital related toiletries etc ready and packed. These include an MP3 player, radio, plentiful supply of batteries, 2 books, a couple of Private Eyes and pyjamas, flannel and towel.

So now we .... await the call!

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